Research Interests

I am mainly interested in ethics, especially moral psychology and metaethics. I am also interested in social and virtue epistemology, philosophy of social science (especially psychology), and early Chinese ethics.


My dissertation “Character and Moral Judgment: Designing Right and Wrong” explores the moral psychology and metaethics of moral judgment – in particular, how judgments of a person’s character should influence judgments of the rightness or wrongness their acts. The introduction is available here: Robertson Dissertation Introduction.


Listed below are my publications, by area. Links, when available, are provided.

  • Forthcoming. Jing Hu and Seth Robertson. “Constructing Morality with Mengzi: Three Lessons on the Metaethics of Moral Progress.” In Comparative Metaethics: Neglected Perspectives on the Foundations of Morality, ed. Colin Marshall. Under contract, Routledge.
Moral Psychology
  • 2018. “Power, Situation, and Character: A Confucian-Inspired Response to Indirect Situationist Critiques.” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. Link to article
Normative Ethics
  • 2019. “Nunchi, Ritual, and Early Confucian Ethics.” Dao: An Journal of Comparative Philosophy.
  • 2019. “Korean Nunchi and Well-being.” Science, Religion, and Culture. Special Issue: Cross-cultural Studies in Well-being, issue eds. Owen Flanagan and Wenqing Zhao.
Empirical Research
  • 2017. Heather Demarest, Seth Robertson, Megan Haggard, Madeline Martin-Seaver, and Jewelle Bickel. “Similarity and Enjoyment: Predicting Continuation for Women in Philosophy.” AnalysisLink to article

I am currently working on several new research projects, related to:

  • Perspective in epistemology and ethics
  • The influence of ascriptions of social power to moral judgment of acts
  • Revenge and moral exemplarism
  • Political discussion and injustice