Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Seth Robertson

Dale Hall Tower Room 605
Norman, Oklahoma 73019

Projected Areas of Specialization: Ethics (moral psychology, metaethics)
Projected Areas of Competence: Philosophy of Science (social science), Early Chinese Philosophy


University of Oklahoma
PhD (in-progress) in Philosophy
Advisor: Nancy Snow
Committee: Martin Montminy, Amy Olberding, Carolin Showers, Linda Zagzebski

Expected completion: Spring 2018

University of Houston
MA in Philosophy
Spring 2013
Juniata College
BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
– Honors Program in Central European Studies, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Spring 2007

Spring 2006


“Nunchi and Well-Being” – Science, Religion, and Culture (Special Issue “Cross-cultural Studies in Well-Being”) Forthcoming, Dec. 2017

 Presentations, Talks, Comments

“Nunchi, Ritual, and Early Confucian Ethics” at Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy 49th Annual Conference, Peking University, Beijing, China Summer 2017
“Confucianism and the Power Problem for Situationist Ethics” – International Conference on Chinese Philosophy, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Summer 2017
“Confucianism and the Power Problem for Situationist Ethics” – Pacific Division APA, International Society for Chinese Philosophy Panel on Chinese Philosophy and Public Life Spring 2017
Commentator for Charlie Kurth, “Anti-Realist Moral Progress and the Problem of Moral Reformers” at Pacific Division APA Spring 2017
“Revenge and Exemplarist Virtue Theory: Three Arguments Not to Make” – Central Division APA Spring 2017
“Nunchi, Ritual, and Early Confucian Ethics” at Harvard East Asia Society Conference, Harvard University Spring 2017
“Exercises and Activities to Help Integrate Asian Philosophical Texts into the Classroom” – American Association of Philosophy Teachers International Workshop / Conference on Teaching Philosophy Summer 2016
“Classroom Exercises for Helping Students Understand Philosophical Concepts from Asian Traditions” – Co-presented with Sula You, American Philosophical Association Eastern Division Meeting Spring 2016

 Certifications, Awards, and Appointments

Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing – Dissertation Fellowship Fall 2017-Spring 2018
2015-6 Ken Merrill Teaching Award – University of Oklahoma Philosophy Department Spring 2017
University of Oklahoma Philosophy Department – Research Assistantship (with Dr. Wayne Riggs) Spring 2017
APA Graduate Student Travel Stipend for Presentation at APA Central Division Conference Spring 2017
APA Travel Stipend for AAPT 2016 Seminar on Teaching and Learning in Philosophy Summer 2016
University of Oklahoma Philosophy Department – Research Assistantship (with Dr. Wayne Riggs) Summer 2016
University of Oklahoma Philosophy Department – Research Assistantship (with Dr. Heather Demarest) Summer 2015
University of Oklahoma Philosophy Department Travel Stipend – Hypatia Conference on  “Exploring Collaborative Contestations and Diversifying Philosophy” at Villanova University Spring 2015
University of Oklahoma – Graduate Teaching Academy Fellow Spring 2014
University of Oklahoma Writing Center – Graduate Writing Consultant Spring 2014 – Present
University of Oklahoma Graduate Teaching Assistantship Fall 2013 – Present
University of Houston Graduate Teaching Assistantship Spring 2013
English Program in Korea – Excellence in Teaching Award Fall 2010


Philosophy Writing Workshop (Instructor) Fall 2016
Introduction to Asian Philosophy (Instructor) Spring 2016
Justice in Society (Instructor) Fall 2015
Self and Identity (Teaching Assistant to Dr. Heather Demarest Spring 2015
Introduction to Philosophy (Teaching Assistant to Dr. Zac Miller) Fall 2014
Introduction to Asian Philosophy (Teaching Assistant to Dr. Amy Olberding) Spring 2014
Introduction to Ethics (Teaching Assistant to Dr. Brian Chance) Fall 2013
Introduction to Logic (Teaching Assistant to Dr. Christie Mag Uidhir) Spring 2013
English Composition (Instructor – Korea National University of Education) Spring 2011

Service / Training

Graduate Student Representative to Faculty – OU Philosophy Department Fall 2017-Spring 2018
Training: Practical Strategies for Assessing OU Virtues in the Classroom Spring 2017
American Philosophical Association Graduate Student Council Appointee (2017-18 term) Fall 2017-Spring 2018
OU Graduate Philosophical Association 2017 Graduate Conference – Co-organizer Fall 2016-Spring 2017
American Association of Philosophy Teachers Seminar on Teaching and Learning in Philosophy – Participant Summer 2016
University of Oklahoma Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation – Panelist Summer 2015, 2016
OU Graduate Philosophical Association – President Fall 2016-Spring 2017
OU Writing Sample Workshop – Co-organizer Fall 2015, Fall 2016
OU Philosophy Department Pro-seminar for First Year Graduate Students – Guest Speaker Fall 2015
OU Ethics Reading Group – Coordinator

·         Fall 2015: Sidgwick

·         Spring 2016: Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments

·         Fall 2016: Philosophy / Ethics of Disability

Fall 2015-Present
OU Philosophy Department 2015 Grad Conference

·         Referee for ethics, political philosophy, and philosophy of science

Fall 2014
Faculty Ally Training

·         Training to help create inclusive classrooms where students feel safe to learn free from bias, homonegativity, and transnegativity.

Fall 2014
Graduate Student Liaison for Faculty Undergraduate Recruitment and Diversity Committee Fall 2014 – Present
OU Graduate Philosophical Association – Treasurer Fall 2014 – Spring 2015
Philosophy Department Undergraduate Student Mentor Program (Creator / Organizer) Fall 2014
Modal Logic Reading Group (Coordinator) Spring 2014

Graduate Courses Taken

Course Instructor
Moral Responsibility (Independent Study) Dr. Martin Montminy
Epistemology of Perspective Dr. Wayne Riggs
The Analects and Xunzi Dr. Amy Olberding
Moral Psychology (OU Psychology Department) Dr. Carolin Showers
Modal Logic and Metaphysics Dr. James Hawthorne
Plato Dr. Hugh Benson
Moral Exemplarism Dr. Linda Zagzebski
Plato’s Theaetetus Dr. Hugh Benson
Empiricism Dr. Matt Priselac
Philosophy of Economics Dr. Steve Ellis
Early Chinese Philosophy Dr. Amy Olberding
Epistemology Dr. Matt Priselac
Metaphysics Dr. Heather Demarest
Philosophy of Biology Dr. James Hawthorne
Political Philosophy Dr. Zev Trachtenberg
Logic III Dr. James Garson
Independent Study on Mill, Sidgwick, Moore, & Ross Dr. David Phillips
Plato and Aristotle’s Theories of Psychology Dr. Cynthia Freeland
Philosophy of the Special Sciences Dr. Cameron Buckner
Feminist Philosophy Dr. Cynthia Freeland
Ethical Theories of Leibniz and Spinoza Dr. Greg Brown
Metaethics Dr. David Phillips
Philosophy of Art Dr. Christy Mag Uidhir
Philosophy of Science Dr. Josh Brown
Philosophy of Language: Theories of Meaning Dr. James Garson
Philosophy and Logic Dr. Josh Brown
17th Century Philosophy Dr. Greg Brown